April 2015


The Loch Duart Smokehouse, Lochcarnan


We regret to inform you that the Smokehouse is ceasing supply.

The Smokehouse produces wonderful, delicious products, but unfortunately the business has not been the success that we had envisaged.

We have been hoping that a local consortium would take over the business in time to ensure continuity of supply and, during 2014, we invested a great deal of effort into setting up a form of community ownership which fell through for reasons outside our control.

There is still a chance that another consortium will take on the Smokehouse but, unfortunately, a break in production is now unavoidable.

Loch Duart is still strongly committed to business within the Hebrides and continues to employ twenty-two full time members of staff in its fish farming operations on North and South Uist.

Loch Duart has owned the smokehouse since 2008 and we have enjoyed sharing these wonderful smoked products with seafood lovers around the world.  The company wishes to thank its customers for their business.


Andy Bing
Sales Director, Loch Duart Ltd.